Фотография Тротуаная плитка вибропрессованная цветная

What is a vibropressed paving slab?

Which tile to choose always worries any owner who decides to start arranging his site. Each developer wants to choose high-quality material that will serve for many years and please the eye.

The main types of paving slabs:

  • Vibropressed
  • vibrocasting

How they differ and their difference, we will consider further.

First, let’s talk about vibropressed tiles made by vibropressing.

This tile is very well suited for covering places where special strength and wear resistance are required. Depending on the thickness, it varies at the place of application. For areas where cars move, a tile thickness of at least 60 millimeters is required. For pedestrian areas, a thickness of 40 millimeters is sufficient.

As a rule, vibropressed tiles do not have an ideal appearance. The main shapes of vibropressed tiles are mainly square and rectangular. But such a tile has increased strength and wear resistance. The color scheme is also varied, but not very bright. Vibropressed tiles are suitable for arranging and paving large areas.

Tiles of this type are produced in significant volumes at enterprises using special equipment. The technical process can be omitted. Drawing conclusions from all of the above, we can summarize:

  • The vibropressed tile possesses the increased durability
    Increased wear resistance
  • Better surface grip in winter and when it rains
  • Large selection of configurations and color
  • Ease of installation and operati

You can get more information about paving slabs here or here.

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