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Mistakes when choosing paving slabs.

With the help of paving slabs, garden and sidewalk paths are arranged, the adjacent territory is decorated, giving its own unique atmosphere and beauty in the right place. When choosing materials, a number of errors occur, which we will analyze below.

  1. When choosing materials, the style of the house or the area being developed is not taken into account.

When buying any paving slabs, the buyer is already making a mistake. When choosing paving slabs, you need to consider the general concepts of the site and the landscape designer’s advice. Incorrectly selected materials for arranging the site can go against the overall planning and appearance of the design idea. For example, a colorful and bright color scheme will be inappropriate for a strict style or high-tech style. During the selection of tiles, the general style of the architecture of the buildings and the area being developed is taken into account.

A few quick tips when choosing paving slabs:

  • Obtaining an initial consultation with the seller
  • View ready-made solutions using the material you like
  • If it is possible to get a computer visualization of your option
  • Checking the quality and compliance with the declared characteristics of the material
  1. Selection of tiles without taking into account the color of the facade of the building.

The main mistake is often the buyer’s opinion that bright colors will please the eye and look very optimistic. A balance is needed in the selection of colors and color combinations. Bright colors over time can begin to irritate and unnerve the consumer. House territory as an integral space, a combination of garden furniture, house facade decoration and much more. There is a concept of basic shades. They are the most popular among buyers. Usually no more than two or three colors are used in a pattern combination.

  1. Acquisition of material end-to-end without a small margin.

In pursuit of savings, the buyer usually purchases tiles back to back. This is not the right tactic. Subsequently, if the material is not enough, there are difficulties with the delivery of a small batch to the client, the absence of goods from this batch in the seller’s warehouse, the color mismatch between the batches of goods. Basically, when ordering or buying tiles, they make a margin of 5 to 10% of the total batch. The reserve is useful when cutting, the material that occurs during the laying of paving slabs, the changes that have occurred during laying.

  1. Selection of one type of paving slabs.

Do not be afraid of combinations of materials. It is possible when buying a division into zones for the use of paving slabs. For example, pedestrian areas can be paved with thin tiles, which will reduce the cost of arranging footpaths. In the case of pedestrian areas, square-shaped tiles of large sizes and not of great thickness are suitable. And in areas where it is necessary to take into account a large load, it is worth pave tiles of greater thickness that can withstand significant pressure and loads. When choosing tiles of different shapes, it becomes possible to draw up drawings and ornaments, select unexpected combinations of colors, and find new design solutions.

  1. The size of the tile is chosen incorrectly.

When equipping a site with paving slabs, it is necessary to take into account the format of the tile in the manufacture of certain elements of the territory. If the house or garden paths have a winding and uneven shape, a small tile format should be used to ensure ease of installation. In this case, you can save a lot on trimming the material.

Formats of paving slabs:

  • Small format – up to 200 mm. Well suited for suburban areas and small adjoining areas. It is very easy to make broken and indirect winding paths from tiles of this format.
  • Medium format – range 200 – 400 mm. Medium format tiles will also be relevant for the so-called private sector in the design of territories. Of the advantages, laying speed, but the possibilities for maneuver are narrowed in terms of building even and straight paths.
  • Format large -400 mm. and more. This format is applicable for the arrangement of large territories. Plots with a large area. Here you can see a very significant time savings.

This material can help our customers make the right choice when buying paving slabs. Significantly save time and money considering all the above recommendations. You can buy or order paving slabs from us.

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