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How to choose the right paving slabs?

The market is saturated with paving slabs with a concrete base, various types, sizes, colors. How to choose right? All manufacturers vying with each other assure that their products are the best. Where is reality, and where, to put it mildly, is not true, we understand.

The main purpose of this text is to determine the main parameters when choosing a tile.

Let’s carefully study the main criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing a material:

  • First, pay attention to the geometric shape and size. A simple shaped tile is much easier to install than other options. Laying this tile will take much less time, and its functions will be the same. In this case, vibropressed tiles will be the best option.
  • Vibrocasting tiles usually have irregular shapes. In this case, it will take much more time for laying. Patterned tiles will require special skill from the stacker. The main advantage in this case is a particularly beautiful plot.
  • The next factor is resistance to temperature extremes. And accordingly, whether the paving slab withstands the loads necessary in this case. Tiles are very often divided according to the field of application: paving or automobile. In the first case, the tile is used exclusively for pedestrians and is not designed to carry more than a person’s weight. In the second option, the tile is suitable for vehicles and for pedestrians as well.
  • The next necessary step is to ask the seller what is the number of seasonal cycles that this paving slab can withstand. Good quality material can withstand at least 150 cycles, sometimes this parameter reaches 200.
  • Thickness parameter to be next. As mentioned above, a thickness of 4 cm is sufficient for pedestrian traffic. If walking and cycling, then a thickness of 4-6 cm is better. In the case of moving around the territory by car, 6-8 cm is recommended.
  • The color of paving slabs can be saturated, but not very bright. Strongly pronounced brightness is the presence of a large amount of dye in the material, which negatively affects the quality of the tile itself. Such a factor must be taken into account. The choice of color, as well as the configuration of the tiles, is a purely individual option, and will emphasize your individuality and design features of the site as a whole.
  • The sound determines how well your tile is dried. To check the parameter, just tap the tiles against each other. If you get a ringing sound, everything is fine and the tile is dry enough.

These are the most important and basic criteria to consider when choosing paving slabs. Learn more and purchase or order material here.

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