Фотография Тротуарная плитка Гжель

Paving slabs are a new generation material.

This material examines and introduces us to a material called paving slabs.

Most of the streets, parks, squares, adjoining territories on which we walk are equipped with paving slabs of various widows and configurations. Paving slabs can be made in various ways. Has a wide range of applications. It differs in the method of application, both industrial and public places, the private sector, and so on. The use of paving slabs is growing every day. Having a wide range of advantages, paving slabs can be used almost everywhere, regardless of climatic conditions. Among the important advantages of paving slabs are the following:

  • Resistance to climatic influences of the natural environment.
  • Ease of installation and operation.
  • Quick disassembly and repair.
  • Высокая прочность.
  • Большой диапазон применения.

According to the manufacturing methods, there are two main methods for the production of paving slabs – vibrocasting and vibrocompression. The basis of these methods is the use of vibrating tables. These are platforms on which the mixture for the manufacture of tiles is compacted. Vibrocasting is a more budgetary option for the manufacture of paving slabs. More attractive is the vibrocompression method. The peculiarity of this method is the pressing of the mixture by the method of its compaction by mechanical action. Simply put, this is one of the ways to manufacture building materials by pressing. Products made in this way are characterized by high strength, increased resistance to environmental influences. The tile received by a vibropressing method can have enough rich color scale., various geometrical sizes and forms. With the help of such a variety, you can realize many bold fantasies for arranging and paving garden paths, sidewalks and various territories for various purposes.

One of the most important features of any type of paving slab is the ease of laying the material without involving a lot of special equipment, unlike, for example, asphalt, concrete and other materials. Laying paving slabs is notable for its simplicity and does not require any special equipment skills. What is required for laying is a prepared laying site, the necessary materials and a small set of tools. In general, the laying process resembles the assembly of mosaics or puzzles. During subsequent operation, such material is easy to repair; if necessary, you can replace any element in the masonry. Such a simple repair cannot be done with asphalt or concrete. It is also possible to completely transfer the material over time. One of the important points is the financial component. Maintenance of paving slabs will cost less than other options.

Your sidewalk or garden path will look much better made of paving slabs than asphalt or concrete. The aesthetic moment is very important in any case. A paving slab walkway will look flawless in any architecture.

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