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Paving slabs and asphalt, advantages and disadvantages.

To replace asphalt on urban sites, squares, sidewalks, footpaths, paving slabs are more often used recently. This is due to a number of consumer qualities that greatly distinguish this material from asphalt.

What is paving slabs? A set of individual elements of small size, having a different shape, color, thickness. Tiles are made from cement, water and sand or other fillers. The main manufacturing technologies are vibrocasting and vibrocompression. They provide increased strength, resistance to mechanical stress, resistance to environmental influences. The service life of materials without any costs for repair and reconstruction, even under intensive conditions of use, will be at least 15 years.

First of all, the advantages are expressed in paving slabs in its economy. Even if the material costs the same or more expensive, you can save on self-laying tiles. Further savings are expressed in a long service life without special costs for repairs and maintenance. Asphalt laying will require a significant amount of construction equipment and human resources. When laying paving slabs, you can do it yourself. Repair of paving slabs, can also be performed independently. Moreover, you can buy tiles at lower prices. In the long run, tiles will cost significantly less.

A very important factor worth noting is the environmental friendliness of materials in paving slabs and practicality. Puddles practically do not form on the surface of paving slabs, moisture escapes freely through the joints between the tiles. Another advantage is the very attractive appearance of the finished pavement, which is not comparable to gray asphalt. In hot weather, it melts and becomes softer; in rainy weather, the surface becomes covered with puddles. Paving slabs are a great alternative. Modern manufacturers are ready to offer a wide variety of shapes and thicknesses of tiles, various surface textures, a wide range of colors, which creates unlimited imagination for the customer and will become the best decorative decoration for any territory.

The conclusion is this: paving slabs currently being produced are superior to asphalt in almost every way. The tile is an indisputable favorite of all modern customers and builders.

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